Collection & Storage of Human Milk

The benefits of breastfeeding and the negatives of formula feeding are becoming increasingly apparent through research based evidence. There are also many barriers to increased breastfeeding duration in the U.S., however, separation of the mother from her baby, for whatever reason, stands out as one of the more significant obstacles to overcome.

For the mother expressing and collecting her breast milk, there are extra challenges. Regardless of the setting (home or hospital), her milk will need to be collected and stored prior to being fed to her baby. This raises the question of optimal storage conditions for breast milk.

Learn more about the biochemistry and breast milk storage scenarios in both hospital and home.

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  • Effects of Storage on the Physiochemical and Antibacterial Properties of Human Milk - journal article

  • Refrigerator Storage of Expressed Human Milk in the NICU (article is not available)

  • ABM Clinical Protocol #8: Human Milk Storage Information for Home Use for Full-Term Infants - journal article

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