New Research Results: Breastfeeding and Work in a Post-COVID World

As the social restrictions for COVID-19 begin to ease, and organizations begin welcoming their employees back to the workplace, HR professionals and managers need to assure their workers they are returning to a clean and sanitized space. And when specifically considering new moms, the actions employers take now could help them retain their current female workforce and help attract new employees.

Thumbnail image of mothers in the workplace infographic results.

Medela remains committed to helping moms successfully feed their babies breast milk and to do so for as long as they choose. We are also focused on deeply understanding and sharing the experiences of working, breastfeeding moms. We use these important insights to champion improvements for women and to offer guidance for employers to help them better support their breastfeeding and pumping employees.

Most recently, Medela and Mamava—the partners behind Kin - Healthy Returns for New Moms—conducted a survey in June 2020 that asked working moms about what’s on their mind when it comes to planning a return to the workplace in a new, post-COVID world. Nearly 1,400 working women took the survey. Results revealed that more than 40% of moms are more committed to feeding their babies breast milk because of COVID-19. The survey also showed that nearly 50% have concerns that their pumping space at work may not be a clean/sanitary space to pump. See more results from the survey and learn what employers can do to help make their pumping employees feel better about coming back to work.

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