Pumping Benefits for Employees who Work Outside the Office

Many women who return to work after the birth of a baby will continue to exclusively breastfeed their child for up to six months, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Scheduling time to pump during the workday can sometimes be a difficult task. In an office environment, typically, women need to reserve time in the onsite lactation space and need to make sure they have supplies with them in order to pump. They will need their breast pump and kit, wipes, bottles or storage bags, a cooler (if they are not near a refrigerator), water and more. They also need a place to store all of their breast pump equipment and accessories during the day. If this sounds challenging, take a moment to imagine how much harder this becomes for your employees who don’t have “traditional” office space!

“Mobile” Work Spaces

There are many industries that employ workers who travel for the majority of their work day. We often think first of salespeople, who are most often “on the road,” but there are many other businesses where pumping breast milk on the go would be difficult (or impossible) to accomplish. Here are a few that come to mind where employees may not be able to count on pumping in the same place consistently:

  • Traveling Nurses/Home Health Care Workers
  • Social Workers and Community Service Professionals
  • Construction Workers/Architects/Managers
  • Agriculture Workers
  • Corporate Event Planners/Hospitality Workers
  • Pilots and Flight Attendants

Employees that are not based in the same worksite regularly need additional support from their employer. A great way to support them is to offer a breast pump that was developed for those who needed a more flexible solution.

Provide a Breast Pump That is Made for Employees “On-The-Go”

Employers can provide a breast pump that is specifically made for individuals that need to pump “on-the-go.” This makes it much easier for breastfeeding employees to successfully pump breast milk and manage their work responsibilities while still allowing them to remain mobile.

The Medela Freestyle Flex™ Double Electric Breast Pump gives women the flexibility to express wherever they are, with no compromise on pumping performance. This is a big benefit to breastfeeding parents who travel for their job. They will have peace of mind knowing they can bring home the same amount of breast milk to baby even when they weren’t able to use a stationary lactation space!

The Freestyle Flex™ is lightweight and compact, with a USB-chargeable battery so that parents who travel can easily carry it with them where they need to go—and don’t need to find an electrical outlet to use it. Whether they are walking onto a construction site for a visit, or are a social worker meeting with clients in the community, they can still pump breast milk as needed.

Even though your employees may be eligible for a breast pump through insurance, the pumps they can chose from typically need to be plugged in to use. So, your employees without a traditional workspace may find them more difficult to use. The Freestyle Flex offers a perfect alternative for anyone on-the-go!

Contact Kin for pricing and help purchasing the Freestyle Flex on behalf of employees.