Program helps employers to make families’ priorities their priorities

Medela and Mamava Create Easy Solution to Fill the Gap that Employers Face when Looking to Support Breastfeeding Mothers

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  • Kin - Healthy Returns for New Moms offers employers a single-source, comprehensive and customizable solution for working moms

  • The program helps employers to make families’ priorities their priorities, so that parents do not have to compromise when returning to work after baby.

  • Kin packages can include premium breast pumps, private lactation spaces, breastmilk shipping and virtual support during baby’s first year

McHenry, Ill., June 19, 2019 – Medela LLC, the #1 recommended breast pump brand*, and Mamava, the inventors of the first lactation pod, are pleased to announce the launch of Kin - Healthy Returns for New Moms, a single-source solution for employers to support breast milk feeding employees when they return to work after the birth of a baby, a time when breastfeeding rates often drop.¹

“Coming back after baby is a complicated transition for mom and her employer. With Kin, employers can make families’ priorities their priorities, so that parents do not have to choose between going back to work and continuing to feed their babies breast milk when returning to work after baby,” said Melissa Gonzales, executive vice president of the Americas for Medela LLC. “We’re thrilled to partner with Mamava to create a solution that makes it easy for employers to support their breastfeeding moms in the workplace.”

Medela and Mamava have been at the forefront in advocating and supporting breast milk feeding families and have teamed up to create the Kin program. This program recognizes the multiple vendors that employers face and creates a single-source solution that is customizable, depending on the needs of the employer and their working moms, and includes:

  • Top-of-the-line breastfeeding products and resources from Medela LLC
  • Lactation pods by Mamava—easy-to-place, freestanding and designed to meet the physiological needs of breast milk feeding mothers
  • 24/7 virtual support from pregnancy through baby’s first year powered by Pacify
  • Breast milk shipping for traveling employees
  • Education and support to help support a successful breastfeeding journey

“Access to the highest-quality breast pumps, dignified lactation spaces, and the cultural support needed to continue breastfeeding after maternity leave is still a challenge for the majority of working women,” says Sascha Mayer, CEO and co-founder of Mamava. “The Kin solution makes it easy for employers to provide the full-circle support new moms need to show up as their best selves at home and at work. We believe that this program will lead to better outcomes for babies, families, and employers.”

Supporting parents at work has been shown to support employee retention and potentially save on healthcare costs for mom and baby and reduce sick days.² ³ Learn more about Kin - Healthy Returns for New Moms at


About Medela LLC

Medela’s US-based manufacturing and development facility is headquartered in McHenry, Illinois. Every year, more than one million mothers in the U.S. rely on Medela’s technology. As the #1 breast pump brand*, Medela provides the best in research-based breast milk feeding products and clinical education to support moms’ breast milk feeding journey. The company is fully dedicated to supporting mothers so that they can provide breast milk to their baby for as long as they choose. For more information, visit

About Mamava

Mamava is the expert in lactation space design, thoughtfully designing solutions for breastfeeding moms on-the-go. With both analog and digital products, Mamava celebrates and supports the 21st century breastfeeding mama. Mamava is mama-owned, made in America, and a proud member of the B Corp community. The Mamava app, free for iOS and Android, helps moms find pumping and breastfeeding friendly locations (never a bathroom!), unlocks Mamava pods with proprietary smart technology, and delivers useful breastfeeding content. To learn more visit


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Medela wordmark and logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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