Celebrate National Parents’ Day in Your Organization

July 25th is National Parents’ Day in the U.S. and although it’s not as well-known as Mother’s or Father’s Day it is nonetheless an important day in our country. In 1994, the government introduced a resolution establishing the fourth Sunday in July as National Parents’ Day. The resolution was quickly signed and National Parents’ Day was established. The day is intended to encourage organizations and governments to celebrate the significant role that parents play in the lives of their children and to promote support for the responsibilities of parenting.

Organizations understand that it can be challenging to be a working parent, and that employees want to work for companies that help with balancing both career and parenting duties. In honor of National Parents’ Day, we’d like to thank all employers that are creating supportive family-friendly environments for their working parents!

Here are a few ideas to help your organization acknowledge this special day.

  • Review your current benefits package and discuss other benefits and programs that can help your organization better attract and retain working parents. If you don’t already provide family-friendly benefits consider adding them, such as flexible scheduling, paid parental leave (for women and men), lactation accommodation for breastfeeding employees, childcare options (on-site daycare, local care discounts, and/or back-up care), telehealth services, and Employee Resource Groups for parents.

  • Send a special communication via email, your intranet portal, or a company newsletter that explains National Parents’ Day, and use that opportunity to recognize the working parents in your organization. This is also a good time to remind employees of all the parent-friendly benefits and policies that you currently have available, or to introduce any new benefits you are planning to add!

  • Use the opportunity to get feedback from employees about how your organization can improve the experience for working parents. Survey them to learn what type of benefits and programs would be most helpful in their goal to maintain a successful work/life balance. Ask them what their biggest challenges are and what your organization can do to help make managing their career and parenting a success.

  • Be sensitive to employees that are struggling to start a family. National Parents’ Day may be difficult for any parents who are experiencing fertility issues. If your company offers fertility benefits, counseling, or an Employee Resource Group, be sure to communicate that to all employees.

Creating family-friendly cultures for parents is critical to attract and retain working parents, so use National Parents’ Day to show your employees you care and value their commitment to both your company and their families.