Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves!

We are now Kin - Healthy Returns for New Parents

Kin logo with tag line Health Returns for New parents.

Parenthood is something to support and celebrate, and while we continue working towards our goal of leveling the playing field for women in the workforce, we recognize that to be successful we must ensure that all parents have access to the support needed to raise their family. We believe that every parent deserves support from their employer. It is as simple as that. And so we are changing the name of our inclusive benefits program for new parents in the workplace to Kin.

Today, support looks different for every new parent. From family and friends, to community and coworkers, many find their “kin” in all kinds of places. That’s why our program name is changing to reflect this: Kin – Healthy Returns for New Parents. This name better reflects all the important people who support new parents, and our solution makes it easy for employers to play their part.

There are no changes to the best-in-class products and services within our program. We continue to bring employers a comprehensive, single-source solution that offers lactation and parental support from leading brands.

To learn more about our program, visit or get in touch with one of our benefits experts!