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Milk Collection Shells

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If you find you’re leaking breast milk from one breast as your baby feeds from the other, Medela Milk Collection Shells can save this excess milk while you breastfeed.

Item # 101045417

Features & Benefits

  • Soft & Comfortable: Made from food grade silicone, our shells feel comfortable and gentle on delicate breast skin.
  • Collect Every Drop: Our Milk Collection Shells fit comfortably inside your bra to collect milk, minimizing leakage and prevent wet shirts.
  • Easy Pour Spout: Transfer your milk to a storage container with ease and without worrying about spilling any of that precious liquid gold.
  • BPA-Free: Our Milk Collection Shells are made without BPA for the added peace of mind that parents deserve.
  • Medela Milk Collection Shells come in packs of two
  • Medela Milk Collection Shells come in packs of two

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