The 8 Best Breast Pump Accessories to Make Your Experience Easier

Though pumping is often a learned skill, getting into a breast milk feeding rhythm soon becomes second nature - and these products can help provide a more seamless experience!

Try These 8 Breast Pump Accessories for a Seamless Pumping Experience

If you’re a first-time mom, pumping can sometimes be an experience requiring patience, trial, and error. Though it is a learned skill, getting into a pumping rhythm, cleaning parts, and assembling and disassembling components quickly becomes second nature – especially after a few bleary-eyed, half-asleep overnight or wee early morning pumping sessions in a dark room! As you prepare to begin pumping after your little one arrives, try a few or all of the breast pump accessories below – because every breastfeeding experience is unique, some items may fit more seamlessly into your lifestyle than others. The important thing is to try different products and find what works best for your breastfeeding situation. Oftentimes, the right breast pump accessories can help you overcome common breastfeeding challenges while allowing you to continue feeding your baby with breast milk for as long as you choose.

We recommend having your breast pump and accessories on hand before your baby’s arrival, so you can be all ready to start pumping as soon as you and your newest family member get home from the hospital! Be sure to download a copy of our breast milk storage infographic - or the Spanish version! - and keep it in a convenient spot for a quick reminder on current storage guidelines, as you develop your breastfeeding and pumping routine.

Finally, check out how to create your perfect breastfeeding station and, if you need a little more inspiration, start with our 8 suggestions to ensure it’s filled with everything you need:

  1. Breast Milk Storage Bags and a Marker: Start a refrigerated or frozen breast milk stash with convenient, ready-to-use breast milk storage bags. Our bags are self-standing for easy filling and handling, include a double zipper seal to prevent leakage, and are designed with a flat profile for space-saving storage and quick thawing whenever needed. Quick tip: Be sure to keep a marker or pen nearby, so you can date each bag before pumping.
  2. Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam™ Bags: These easy part sanitation bags are great to have on hand, whether at home or after you return to work. Use them to thoroughly disinfect and steam-clean breast pump parts in about 3 minutes, using just a microwave and water. Doing so eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs, making what feels like the constant cleaning of your pump parts faster and easier – especially when on the go. Using the Micro-Steam bags can also replace daily boiling of parts for sanitation. Best of all, each bag can be reused up to 20 times and work great for holding and transporting pump parts to and from home, the sink, and/or your pumping area.
  3. Purelan™ Lanolin Cream: Having a soothing, moisturizing nipple butter nearby can make pumping a lot more comfortable, especially if your skin is particularly sensitive. Some women dab lanolin onto their nipples before and after each pumping session, while others find that they need it occasionally or only after pumping. Soreness, cracked nipples, and dryness may be common as your body adjusts to frequent nursing and pumping. Be gentle with yourself and your body – after all, you’re feeding and nourishing a brand-new human! – and be generous with your lanolin, as often as needed.
  4. Quick Clean™ Breast Pump & Accessory Wipes: These versatile wipes can be used to clean just about anything – breast pump parts, countertops, high chair trays, toys, and more. They remove breast milk residue up to 3 days old and, best of all, are free of alcohol and bleach, making them safe to use on all your breast milk feeding accessories and baby essentials. We recommend keeping a stock of our breast pump and accessory wipes at your pumping station and in your kitchen, and keeping an extra box in your diaper bag or breast pump bag for those times away from home.
  5. A Set of Spare Parts: Chances are, you’ll be pumping multiple times per day – usually as often as every couple of hours! Plan to have a set or two of spare breast pump parts on hand, so you can always have a clean kit ready to go. This can be especially helpful early on – when you may be pumping most frequently – and overnight, so you can get as much precious sleep as possible! A set of spare parts is also helpful later in your breastfeeding journey, such as when you return to work or spend blocks of time away from your baby.
  6. PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields: Maximize your pumping sessions with improved efficiency, added comfort, and more milk per minute – in fact, our PersonalFit Flex breast shields remove 11.8% more milk per minute and are designed to enhance the pumping experience. The unique, patented design optimizes milk flow and a flexible oval shape lays smooth, seamlessly fits your breast, and can be easily rotated to whatever pumping position is most comfortable for you.
  7. Disposable Nursing Pads: A supply of comfortable, absorbent nursing pads are a must-have for any breast milk feeding mama. Purchase ones designed with adhesive tape on the back, so you can easily stick a pair in your bra after each pumping session to protect against unexpected leakage. Our nursing pads come in either super absorbent, for heavy milk flow, or ultra-thin, for light leakage. Both versions are discreet beneath clothing and can help keep you dry throughout the day or night.
  8. Hands-free™ Pumping Bustier: The flexibility of hands-free pumping is a total game changer and can make all the difference, mama! Not having to hold your pump kit in your hands as you pump throughout the day can mean everything from easier multitasking to simply being able to scroll through your newsfeed or thumb through a magazine as you express more liquid gold to nourish your little one. Our patented Adaptive Stretch™ technology ensures the Easy Expression bustier adapts to your changing postpartum body for added comfort.

It’s no secret: the better your pumping experience is, and the more comfortable you are, the more likely you’ll be to reach (or exceed!) your breastfeeding goals! With these bonus breast pump accessories, you’ll take your pumping game to the next level and, like any mom, be truly ready for anything!

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