Share The Mother's Day Love

To help you celebrate Mother's Day, we created shareable (and printable!) cards for you to send to the moms in your life.

When you become a mom for the first time, many things in your life change.

So far, you’ve lived your life mostly for yourself – building a career, focusing on relationships, following personal goals, and creating a life that you love. But the moment you hold your baby for the first time, all those things become secondary. They’re important as ever, but not as important as the living being in your arms.

You’re a mom. And it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Yes, you will continue to do those things. Work towards your next promotion. Go out with your girlfriends. Spend idle time on the couch with your significant other and tune into your favorite TV show.

But something in you will change. Your feelings and thoughts will start revolving around this little being. You’re no longer living just for you. Everything you do is driven by this inexplicable need to provide for your baby – to feed her, grow her, and hold her. Suddenly, you have a capacity for love that you never knew existed. You think of all the times your own mom said “you won’t truly understand how I feel until you have your own child.”

And finally, you know. She was right.

And this feeling is only strengthened by the special bond created by breastfeeding your baby. You’re literally giving a part of you, your own milk, to your baby… every single day. The bond you create surpasses any personal relationships you’ve had – you start to understand their needs, even if they can’t speak a word. You know when they’re upset, because you feel it with them.

Now that you know what it feels like – to love someone so deeply and profoundly, to feel an immense joy while being the most vulnerable you’ve ever been – you finally truly understand what your mom and your grandma felt, all these years.

That’s why this Mother’s Day, we want to not only honor you, but also the mamas who came before you. To help you celebrate, we created Mother’s Day cards that are shareable (and printable!) you can send to the moms in your life. We hope this brings happiness and makes a mom feel extra loved on this special day!

Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards

For the first-time mama who’s juggling everything that comes with a baby – breastfeeding, pumping, late nights, and more. On Mother’s Day, remind her that even though she probably thinks she’s doing it all wrong, she’s actually doing amazing.


This Mother’s Day card is for the one who came before you, who shaped you and helped you become the mom you are today. Celebrate her – whether she’s your mom, mother-in-law, or best friend. 


And for all the mamas out there, paving the way, supporting, and encouraging us moms on our journeys.