How to Make Breast Milk Jewelry and Create a Sweet Keepsake

Some moms commemorate their breast milk feeding journey with totally unique pieces of jewelry - made from their very own milk! Whether you choose to DIY your own piece of jewelry or outsource it to an expert, here's where to start.

Got the DIY Bug? Here's How to Make Breast Milk Jewelry!

What better way to commemorate your personal breast milk feeding journey than with a lovingly curated and totally unique-to-you piece of jewelry that you can wear whenever you’d like? There are a lot of different ways to capture the early memories of motherhood – from sewing stuffed bears or animals from your baby’s newborn onesies to shadow boxes displaying your little one’s hospital bracelet and ultrasound images to customized jewelry engraved with your baby’s name and/or birthdate. Call us biased, but we believe that your breast milk feeding journey is another loving memory that you deserve to cherish!

Making your own breast milk jewelry can have a bit of a learning curve, if you aren’t especially crafty or already well-versed in making jewelry at home. For some, it may be easier to outsource your keepsake piece to a small business that already has plenty of experience in creating breast milk jewelry. Here are a few options to consider:


  • Purchase a breast milk jewelry kit on Amazon.
  • Check out some detailed instructional videos on YouTube.
  • Find step-by-step how-to directions on Pinterest.


  • Connect with a business on Etsy that specializes in breast milk jewelry keepsakes. There are several shops on this platform that offer this – be sure to read shop reviews from other customers, select a piece that you like, and let them know if you’d like any customizations. After your purchase is complete, most shops will automatically provide directions to ship a bag of your breast milk to them and how much breast milk they will need for your jewelry.
  • Ask for shop recommendations in a breastfeeding moms’ group, whether on Facebook or in a live group that you may visit – such as at your local hospital or birthing center.

Note that there is generally a process required to first preserve your breast milk and ensure it won’t go bad, before using it in your jewelry. This may include dehydrating the milk first, adding specific chemicals so it won’t grow bacteria, and/or turning your breast milk into a solidified resin-like form – all of which will allow your breast milk to eventually be encased in a locket or used as beads or small “stones” in your chosen piece of jewelry. If you’ll be giving it a try at home, be sure that any kit you order includes detailed instructions for this part so you don’t lose any of that precious extra milk!

The final product – whether you opt for a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring, or some other unique jewelry keepsake – often resembles an opal, which means that most people won’t even realize it’s your preserved breast milk (unless, of course, you mention it while you’re showing off that gorgeous piece!). Whether this is your first baby or your last, finding a creative, unique way to memorialize your breast milk feeding journey – its ups, downs, challenges, and successes – can be a meaningful way to kick off the weaning process (and use a little of your stored milk), if you anticipate that weaning may be around the corner soon.

If you’ve learned how to make breast milk jewelry at home or have a recommendation for a shop or business that specializes in breast milk jewelry, let us know! Join the conversation and connect with moms just like you, who may also be interested in creative ways to use surplus breast milk. We love learning all the different ways our moms are using their breast milk and commemorating their unique journey.

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