5 Best Maternity Clothes to Buy

There are more options for maternity and nursing apparel than ever before. Find some tips and guidelines here!

When many women think of maternity clothes and nursing apparel, “stylish” and “functional” are rarely two adjectives that most expect to describe these types of clothing. The good news is that long gone are the days of drab, shapeless garments designed to hide your developing pregnancy and gone with them is the highly-limited selection of nursing apparel that our mothers and grandmothers used! According to the CDC, more than 8 in 10 mothers are now breastfeeding their newborns at birth which means that there are more options for maternity and nursing apparel than ever before. We understand that your pregnancy is as unique as you and that just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean your expectations for functional and flattering pre- and post-birth pregnancy wear should waver.

The Best Maternity Clothes to Buy (if You Haven't Already!)

Here’s a list of 5 of the best types of maternity clothes designed to fit into your active life while keeping you supported before and after giving birth:

1. A breathable nighttime/sleep bra for easy feedings.

The support of a nursing bra can make you more comfortable and those precious moments of sleep not so out of reach. In terms of functionality, a sleep bra can hold your nursing pads in place to save your sheets and prevent overnight leakage, especially as your milk is adjusting during the weeks after your baby’s birth.

We feature a nursing sleep bra that is designed to provide the ultimate comfort through the night and while you rest. In fact, its four-way stretch fabric easily accommodates changing shapes and positions while pregnant or nursing and unique wicking properties keep moisture away from your body. Best of all, a functional criss-cross design allows easy access for nighttime feedings and its seamless racerback shape keeps your arms and shoulders free for the most important things, like your growing infant. You may also consider our BodyFit Bra or T-Shirt Bra for a variety of discreet, easy-access comfort for your changing body. 

2. A versatile tank top for uncomplicated nursing on the go.

A soft, breathable maternity tank top that can be easily layered with other shirts, sweaters or jackets can feel like a lifeline when you’re on the go or have a lot of activities penciled onto the day’s calendar. Finding one that can also be worn through your pregnancy and while nursing is even better.

Our own tank tops and camisoles are made from a lightweight cotton fabric with a seamless, non-wire design to provide each mom with maximum comfort. Full drop cups and convenient “open and close” clips that provide quick, simple unhooking and reattaching allow accessibility for nursing and pumping when and where it may be necessary.

3. A cute dress or two, because you deserve it!

Planning a date night or getting ready for a special occasion, such as your baby shower or a maternity photo shoot? You don’t need a reason to doll yourself up if you want to and now there are more options than ever before to do so. Pink Blush Maternity offers a variety of stylish, trendy and versatile dresses for the mom-to-be. With products including everything from flowing, fashionable midi and maxi dresses to a range of little black dresses for formal events, we love that their maternity clothes are designed to be worn even after pregnancy for easy nursing.

4. A maternity support belt to give you extra control.

It’s no secret that your body undergoes a long list of changes that can seem nearly endless during your pregnancy. Give yourself the support you need, particularly in sensitive areas like your abdomen, as your body grows with your pregnancy. Though there are a variety of support belts available, our Maternity Support Belt is smooth and discreet beneath your clothes while giving you the extra control needed as your body accommodates your growing baby.

We also feature a Postpartum Support Belt to help you as your body readjusts after giving birth. Both belts are designed with lightweight, breathable material and provide much-needed comfort and function before and after delivery.

5. A selection of professional work wear for before and after your parental leave.

Whether your workplace dress code veers more toward casual vs. formal (or vice versa!), it’s important to have a professional selection of work wear for those long days in the office. Companies like Motherhood Maternity and Seraphine offer a diverse range of maternity work clothing, from skirts and blouses to dresses, pantyhose and slacks. Both stores feature business-appropriate clothing in a variety of colors and styles that also provide simplified access for pumping as needed throughout the workday.

Best Maternity Clothes to Buy for Every Woman

Of all the maternity clothes to buy, certain items may be more or less important depending on your own experience and needs. All women are different and the team at Medela is proud to embrace body positivity through a diverse range of sizes for all growing moms-to-be. Click here to find our nursing sleep bra, camisole tank top, support belt or any of our other maternity wear in a retail location nearest you. You can also purchase any of our products directly from us online and, if you do, be sure to tell us what you think! We look forward to keeping you comfortable and functional through each stage of your pregnancy journey