17 Moms Share Their Best Breastfeeding Advice

Real moms share breastfeeding advice for your toughest days.

There’s no shortage of breastfeeding advice out there – good, bad, and everything in between. We asked our community of moms to share the absolute best breastfeeding tips they’ve ever received. We received over a thousand responses with tons of great advice, mantras and reminders.

Whether you're looking for breastfeeding tips for new mothers who have never nursed before or you have a particularly fussy baby, sometimes great advice can come from those who have been there, done that. And, because the best thing about getting good advice is passing it on, we’ve compiled some of our favorites for you to learn from and share:

  1. Your breasts are factories, not warehouses. Empty them frequently! – Renee M.

  2. Don’t look at the clock to see when to nurse, look at your baby. – April R.

  3. You are a good mom. You are already doing what’s best for your baby, so don’t beat yourself up when it’s hard. It will get easier. – Sierra R.

  4. Take care of mom first. Don’t forget to eat or drink water. – Novella N.

  5. Cluster feeding is normal and has nothing to do with “not enough milk.” So, find a comfy spot on the couch, turn on Netflix, have lots of water and snacks, and enjoy the time with your baby. – Julie S.

  6. You may feel like you are feeding constantly! But rest assured baby knows what he or she needs. So, trust yourself and your baby. – Sarah K.

  7. Don’t quit on a bad day! – Mandi E.

  8. Get enough rest. Sleep when baby sleeps and rest when you can. – Cindy H.

  9. Don’t compare yourself to other moms, just try to keep getting to your next personal goal. – Melissa P.K.

  10. This too shall pass. Baby teething/fussy/constantly nursing? It will pass. Baby has a cold and can’t nurse as well? It will pass. Nipples sore from a growth spurt? It will pass. Nothing is forever! – Mindy J.

  11. Maybe not advice exactly, but my sister told me that even though I was pumping (not nursing), I was still breastfeeding. That meant a lot. – Shana W.

  12. Age doesn’t matter. Nurse them for as long as you want! You’re the mom. You make the call. – Shannon H.

  13. You and your baby are both new at this. You’re learning together and will get better. – Lizbeth W.

  14. A consultation with an IBCLC [International Board Certified Lactation Consultant] is worth every. Single. Penny. – Natalie W.

  15. A baby’s thirst and hunger is just like ours. Sometimes baby will go to the breast for a quick drink, or a snack, or a full meal. – Brittany C.

  16. Feed on demand! Builds up your supply and it is extra bonding snuggle time! – Grace K.

  17. Be flexible and don’t be afraid to be “non-traditional.” My daughter wouldn’t latch so I’m an exclusive pumper. I make enough for her and have so much to spare that we have donated my milk. Six months old and a completely breast milk fed baby. – Angela Josephine J.

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