10 Hilariously Awkward Breastfeeding Stories

We asked moms to share their funniest breastfeeding stories. Because if anyone needs a good laugh, it’s nursing mamas! Here's 10 of our favorites.

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing – the ability to nourish and sustain your baby with what your own body produces is nothing short of miraculous, and the cozy bonding time gives both you and your little one all the amazing feels (literally). With that in mind, we all know what breastfeeding isn’t always glamorous and sometimes it isn’t even all that fun! So, we reached out to the moms in our social communities to share their funniest, most awkward, and giggle-inducing breast milk feeding story – and the responses were both incredibly entertaining and totally relatable. Check out some of the anecdotes below and let us know if you can relate:

Breastfeeding Stories

  1. “My daughter unlatched in the middle of a let-down and we both got soaked. I was at work and my husband brought her to see me for my lunch break, so I could feed her as well. Luckily, I always kept a spare shirt for me in the diaper bag as well as clothes for her. I’m so glad I snapped a picture of that!”
    Baby smiling
  2. “During my morning routine with baby #2, I would nurse her and, at the time, my grandmother was here to help. The baby would burp and I’d go make coffee. My 2-year old grabs her doll and puts her in her stroller, sighs, and says to the doll “hang on baby, Mommy will give you some booby juice. Mommy just needs her coffee first.” I looked at my grandmother, dying laughing, and asked if that’s what it sounded like. She, laughing as well, said yes.”
  3. “I was so sleep deprived and still wearing maternity pants at, like, 4 weeks postpartum. Most days I walked around in my maternity pants and nursing bras. I had to go get my husband from work. Loaded baby up. Realized on the way we needed gas. Got a few curious looks from people as I was pumping gas. Realized then that I was still only wearing my nursing bra and maternity jeans…”
  4. “Baby started fussing and my 4-year old son said, “do you need a break, Mommy? I got this!” His sister wasn’t for the idea!”
  5. “My 2 ½-year old yelling in the milk aisle at the grocery store that his new baby sister doesn’t need milk because ‘she drinks from Mommy’s BEWWBS!’”
  6. “When my oldest was about 18 months old, he walked up to a woman nursing her newborn in a seating area at the mall, tugged on her pant leg, and asked ‘I have some na-nas too please?’”
  7. “He told me he was going to make milk for the baby.”
    Child on a tablet holding a pumping flange and bottle
  8. “When I was breastfeeding my daughter, my cat came up to me all curious and started digging her head into my other boob thinking she was going to get some – That was the most awkward and embarrassing moment ever.”
  9. “My 3-year old son saw me pumping and grabbed this cup and straw to do the same!”
  10. “With our first, I started pumping after breastfeeding him. I was still so engorged and I needed more bottles to pump into because the first two were almost full. I asked my husband to go downstairs and get me a couple more bottles. He returns with a plate with three eggs on it. I look at him with the most puzzled look. He continues to tell me he microwaved them (!). My puzzled look continues and he finally says, “you wanted bottles, didn’t you?” I was dying of laughter! He was so tired.”

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